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Why Brand Management is needed

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In the past, the management of a company’s brand has typically been the sole domain of the company’s marketing team. Nevertheless, with the evolution of the Internet and individuals’ need for instantaneous info, there is a higher call for public relations experts to become more involved with a company’s brand management.

The Dictionary of Business and Management specifies brand as a name, sign, or sign used to determine products or services of the seller( s) and to distinguish them from the goods of rivals.

According to Colin Bates, a brand management specialist from, brand means much more than that. “More properly,” he states, “brand is a collection of understandings in the mind of the consumer.”

Essentially, a brand is more than merely a corporate logo; it is anything individuals can associate a company with, whether it is a paid advertisement or a short article discovered in a paper. This is where brand management becomes essential, and PR specialists should be vigilant.

It is insufficient for public relations professionals to interact with the media; they need to, in some way, interact with the persona of their organization.

For instance, Google, the company that runs the best-known and most-used search engine on the Internet, has a unique brand. Most Internet users could aesthetically identify its logo. However, Google’s branding efforts do not stop there.

The company has worked hard to fight Internet users’ doubts about the quality of Web search results. The majority of the primary stream search engines sell advertising to make money, and many people have accused these businesses of skewing search engine results for profit – giving the particular website a higher ranking in exchange for purchasing paid advertising.

Google is popular for the clear division it positions in between its search outcomes and its marketing service. The visual separation on Google’s website is an example. In essence, the search results page are prevalent on the left and occupy at the minimum 90 percent of the page. In contrast, marketing occupies a tiny area and is not invasive to the user. Most importantly, the search engine result is produced from the intelligence of Google’s product and is not influenced by buying advertising.

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Google makes this very clear every time it speaks to the media. When a spokesperson does an interview or the company issues a news release concerning its online search engine, it states it is part of its corporate philosophy – for this reason, it has become part of its brand. Google is understood for technical development and the quality of search engine results, not as a company that is merely thinking about profit.

Also, to make sure the company’s branding is being successfully communicated to the media, it also should be effectively handled.

If the brand or persona of the organization is not adequately handled, problems can arise. Issues can be determined through analysis of the media coverage, and the necessary adjustments can be made by the PR team to get the appropriate message out.

By tracking key messages, taglines, or buzzwords, the public relations team can determine how well its company is communicating.

Media protection can likewise be determined against other efficiency indications such as sales and stock rates. This could be an excellent sign to determine how well a brand is being viewed in the media and with a company’s key publics.

To most businesses, a brand is just as essential as the products they create and the services they offer, and it should be effectively handled. Public relations professionals have a crucial function to play in shaping and preserving a company’s brand – this duty can not be left exclusively to the company’s marketing group. The PR group is responsible for interacting with the brand, but it likewise should be vigilant through media analysis.

Hopefully, this blog has been informative. Check out Kilton Consulting for more information. You should also check out brand management on Wiki.

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