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Digital Marketing 101

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Know

Here are ten digital marketing trends, every small business must factor into their plans.

  1. Email marketing customization via marketing automation

Almost six in 10 online marketers say personalization is their most efficient email marketing strategy; in fact, emails that have personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. AI-powered automation tools can help you individualize email messaging by examining the information you capture about your email customers (such as what they open, click and buy) and using it to deliver the best message at the right time.

  1. Voice search

Voice search presently accounts for one-third of all Google searches, it is soon anticipated to account for half. Excellent basic SEO will assist you to rank high in voice search, according to a current study. You can additionally enhance for voice search utilizing keywords and phrases that sound the way individuals talk (” What pastry shops are open right now?”) instead of the way they ‘d type into an online search engine (” bakeries open now”). Developing an FAQ page on your website that answers questions individuals might ask about your product can also help optimize for voice search.

  1. Content marketing overload

With so much content out there, your potential customers are having a hard time focusing? To keep driving consumers to your website, make this the year you concentrate on developing less, but much better, content. Instead of continually producing articles packed with SEO keywords, attempt crafting a couple of actually excellent, longer pieces of content a month. Content that is responding to prospects’ or customers’ questions in such a way no one else is doing so you can stand apart.

  1. Google My Business is more crucial than ever

Google search engine results prioritize Google My Business listings. As a result, many searchers don’t bother scrolling below these or clicking through to a website. They get all the information needed from GMB. Make sure your Google My Business ranks by routinely adding new images, posts, pictures, or videos and keeping your description up to date. You can now add posts in Google My Business, too. Think about your GMB result as its own little website and include all the information you can to it.

  1. PPC marketing matures

Google search results page is getting crowded, and more people are responding to the advertisements at the top. Google’s algorithm is getting great at providing relevant ads, and even being at the top of the organic search results won’t get you the customer’s attention if that consumer does not scroll down. If you’re not already, make this the year you incorporate PPC advertisements into your marketing strategy.

  1. Omnichannel marketing

Potential customers use more than one digital channel to investigate your company. They may do an online search and see your Google My Business listing, click through to your website and read your evaluations. That’s why your digital marketing efforts require you to collaborate to promote a constant branding message.

  1. Chatbots

You can use conversational AI software applications (that is, chatbots) to engage with prospects in a range of methods, from helping them browse your website or answering typical questions to recommending other products or even engaging on social media. You can configure Facebook Messenger bots to address your Facebook messages, saving you time, and providing your fans with fast reactions.

  1. Online video

Today’s up and coming generation Z, has matured watching YouTube videos, and it’s the location they rely on for the answers to everything. Videos that can reveal viewers how to do something help solve their problems, interview market experts, or supply an insider’s perspective of your company are all popular methods to attract attention. Producing a YouTube channel is free and shows your videos to a broader audience. Look into getting influencers to review your products. It can make a substantial distinction to your organization.

  1. Tell your story

Customers yearn for authentic interaction with businesses. They would like to know your story. Be transparent about your organization, your staff, and your worth. In the digital world, live-action or short-duration video material such as Stories on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube creates a sensation of immediacy and intimacy that can assist building a bond with your target audience.

  1. Social network reaction

If you’re targeting millennials and/or younger users, Instagram is the place to advertise, with a multitude of its users aged 18 to 34. But Instagram isn’t immune from scandal, as the platform recently took action to remove inauthentic likes and phony fans from influencers’ accounts. Remember, truthful interaction is more vital than numbers.

What digital marketing tactics do you currently utilize, and which are you planning to add to your toolbox?

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